Day One

Signs of awakening to work with the Animal Realm

Different types of telepathy we use in AC

Animal totems

What do different species like to talk about?

Calming signals of different species of animals

IS it easier to work with the animal in the present, or by picture?

How does the energy feel in either of those cases?

How do we engage an animal in a reading, and what if they don’t want to participate?

How do we avoid the dreaded stereotype reading?  Red bowl, chase a ball, loves the car

Remote viewing and how it can enhance your readings (how to master this skill)

Remote viewing exercises

Day Two

Review of Day One

What we legally can and cannot do

Chakra systems of animals

How to balance your animal’s chakras

The use of crystals in animal healing

The use of energy healing in animals and basic anatomy

Use of Bach flower remedies in animals

Learn how to do body scans to help in the health of the animal soul

Working with lost animals and rescues

Animal passing, how we can help them cross peacefully

Where the heck do they go when they get there?

Reading animals that have passed, and verification that we are indeed talking to them.

Reading each other’s animals from: a photo & from just an oral description (no photo)